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What's so different about English Avatar?

This is your English online site. We want to help you improve your English. We offer interactive online English courses for ESOL,TOEFL English for Specific Purposes(ESP)and practical reasons such as Pronunciation, Accent, Employment, Trade etc. On this site we place the student at the centre of the learning universe. The student decides which course and lesson he/she wishes to enrol in. The student has many teachers who teach that lesson. The student then chooses one of those teachers. We then bring that student and the selected teacher together for an online learning session. The student can change to another teacher at the next lesson. This means, the teacher has to meet the student's expectations at each lesson in order to be chosen again.

For teachers we offer the opportunity to teach each lesson using their own unique skills, styles and personality while conforming to English Avatar's course standards. We offer the teachers the flexibility to select courses they are most competent in and come online at a time most suited to them. The teacher gains valuable elearning experience and gets paid to teach online